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Prescriptive Healthcare Content
in Multiple Formats


Thought leadership content created to map with the

neuroscience of that particular persona/buyer

ICD Conference
Content Extensions


Recrafted findings

of the ICD conferences as a

whole or from an individual session/panel

ICD Conference Content Extensions

Lead Generation 
Account-Based (Content) Marketing

Leveraging  custom content to drive engagement and leads from selected personas/accounts

at the various levels of the purchase funnel

ICD Lead generation

Deep Content Audits and Gap Analysis

Analysis of your content inventory with gap analysis based on the neuroscience

of each target persona. Audits can focus on dozens of content attributes and indices.

ICD Content Audits

Sales Enablement Training – Online
& Onsite

Teaching your sales and marketing organizations the dynamics of your marketplace

based on our personas studies and the findings of our conference proceedings.

ICD Sales Enablement training

Calculators & Analytical Tools

High engagement tools to enable prospects to analyze specific data points

such as ROI, total cost of ownership, or readiness level
for a specific deployment

ICD Content ROI and Analytical tools

Content Engagement Research

Analysis of what specific content themes  and proportions

your targeted buyers are looking for at every stage of your purchase process

ICD Content Research

Market Pulse Research
Digital or TeleResearch

Short-form surveys to get a pulse on the trends, buying triggers, and concerns of

buyers in your product sets. Survey results can be repurposed into infographics, blogs, and executive briefs.

ICD Quick Survey

Neuroscience of Buying Personas Studies

An analysis of the neuroscience of buying your product with a detailed analysis of the triggers that will influence those personas to engage with prescriptive content.

 ICD Buying Personas Studies

Meet the Personas Focus Groups
Live or Online

Small intimate focus groups of various sponsor sales

targets to identify what they
like & dislike about vendors/products

ICD Focus Groups

Webinars and Podcasts

Custom video and audio content on thought leadership themes

or to promote a case study on a product’s efficacy.

ICD Webinars and Podcasts
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