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ICD Media Lab helps drive highly targeted leads through engaging
syndicated healthcare content.

Our unparalleled knowledge of the healthcare industry
provides deep insights 
into current best practices and
will help you track evolving industry trends. 

Would “random acts of content" be an apt description
of your healthcare marketing strategy?

(If yes, we can help to focus and declutter)

Utilize high-impact, persona-specific custom content in multiple formats to produce sales results

Identify highly targeted leads and drive them through syndicated content and our extensive database

Leverage our deep knowledge of healthcare industry trends and best practices from hundreds of conference sessions around the country

Gain a rich understanding of the needs of major buyers in healthcare through meet-the-persona focus groups and ICD’s face-to-face and digital interactions

Keep an ongoing relationship with customers throughout the year through content created by industry-renowned writers and influencers in healthcare 

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